At times, the quality of our lives can be compromised by our body's ability to cope. If your life has been affected by pain, an accident, sports injury, surgical intervention, fracture, joint or soft tissue problem - Touch Physio can help.

Based in Newbury, Touch Physio offers a friendly, local, professional service given by a chartered physiotherapist, providing one to one rehabilitation for the treatment of numerous musculoskeletal dysfunctions and injuries including:

back ache
• Loss of range, stiffness or hypermobility, instability.
• Nerve injury or compression, pain, sciatica, headaches.
• Bumps, bangs, sprains and strains to muscles, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissues.
• Pre and post surgery issues: decompressions, repairs, replacements.
• Post fracture or immobilisation issues.
• Foot balance, mobility/walking problems, orthotic issues.
• Sport and activity performance problems/limitations.
• Loss of core stability and control.
• Management of degenerative or ongoing conditions.
• Loss of confidence post injury to return to sports or activities of daily living.
• Balance and co-ordination problems.
• Postural issues and ergonomic requirements.

At Touch Physio the aim is to treat the source of your problems not just the symptoms by giving you a comprehensive holistic assessment, taking account of your previous medical history, work and personal demands, interests and goals.

At Touch Physio you are considered as an individual not a statistic. Therapy is given on a personalised basis to make your treatment programme as unique as you are.

Read the testimonials page to see what clients say about their experience and treatment at the clinic.