Treatment is aimed to facilitate the healing process, help your body maximise its recovery and help you achieve your full potential. Treatments may include:

back shoulder care
• Gentle mobilisation and manipulation of joints.
• Connective, myofacial, trigger point and massage soft tissue therapies.
• Stretches to increase flexibility and mobility.
• Exercises to improve stability, muscle balance and recruitment.
• Gait re-education and orthotic advice.
• Core stability training including mat work, dynamic exercise and gym ball techniques.
• Proprioceptive training, balance and co-ordination refinement.
• Re-alignment, postural awareness and segmental control training.
• Pre-operative preparations and post-operative rehabilitation.
• Odema/swelling control and advice.
• Scar tissue management.
• Electrotherapy.
• Graded rehabilitation to suit your injury or limitation, level of fitness and own abilities.
• Progression of therapy input and exercise appropriate to achieve your goal.
• Review, advice and retraining for sporting techniques and skeletal performance issues.
• Well-being management for long-term ongoing relief post treatment.

foot care

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