Frequently Asked Questions

Is Physiotherapy suitable for me?

Physiotherapy is suitable for most conditions. Some medical problems and certain stages of the healing process do contraindicate/limit some elements of therapy however physiotherapy can encompass a wide range of applications and approaches to allow modified or adapted therapy to meet your individual needs. The information and detail given by you in your initial assessment will alert your physiotherapist to any of these issues. For this reason please be as detailed and open as you can during assessment and treatment. Any concerns you may have as to you suitability can be discussed with your therapist. If treatment is considered inappropriate for your condition you will be advised of this accordingly.

Please bring a list of your current medications, any referral letters, reports, xrays or scans with you to your appointment.

How long will each treatment session last? How many sessions will be needed?

faq2 imageInitial assessment is for approximately 1 hour. Follow up treatments will last approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on your individual requirements. Therapy sessions will be appropriate to you in number to resolve your problems, injury issues, post surgical recommendations, training implications and personal goals. If treatment is no longer indicated or recommended you will be advised of this.

You are free to cease treatment at any time, please advise your therapist if you wish to do this.

Please arrive promptly for treatment.

What should I wear?

Thorough assessment of biomechanical movement and soft tissue problems require that the body part(s) in question will need to be exposed or accessible. The following everyday garments will be fine:

- for the gentleman - suitable underwear and shorts.

- for the ladies - suitable underwear and shorts (and if you wish - a camisole type top).

Please bring footwear appropriate for participation in gait/sporting assessment and exercise therapy prescription, for example, regular flat footwear, trainers or training kit.

If you have any orthotic fitments please bring them to your assessment as it is not unusual to find these are maladapted and need correction, adjustment or replacement. Advice can be given accordingly.


Payment for assessment and treatment is by 'cash or cheque' only and is due at each session (this applies to all clients, including those funded by insurance cover). Payment is requested one session in advance - this is to cover non-attendance (less than 24hours notice of cancellation will be charged at the full rate, as this will have resulted in a wasted treatment slot). Should this not be an issue during your treatment period this payment will cover your final session.

If you are making an insurance claim to fund your therapy, you are advised to liaise with your individual insurance company to ensure that your reimbursement will be met by their terms of provision before commencing a course of treatment.

At Touch Physio you can be assured that your physiotherapist is a qualified Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and is registered with the Health Professions Council.