“A local sports therapist recommended Touch Physio to me as a very professional and very knowledgeable physio service, I was not disappointed. During my first consultation my problems were indentified and my ailment fully explained to me in a way that I understood. The sessions that followed were delivered with the same level of professionalism and appreciation for my sporting/training needs as a competitive cyclist. By strictly following the rehabilitation exercises that I was prescribed over a number of sessions I am now well on my way to recovery. I can not recommend Touch Physio enough as a very professional and understanding service.” - (Adam, Kintbury).

“Having tried a number of other health professionals with very limited success I was resigned to never having pain free running ever again. Touch Physio's experience, skill and commitment to finding a treatment solution that works, gave me hope which quickly turned into real results, enabling me to achieve my running goals without being held back by pain. Thank you so much.” - (Brett, Aldershot).

“After falling off my bike and sustaining a pelvic injury, I was unable to walk, sit or stretch without pain! I came across Touch Physio on the net, and I'm so glad I did! I am highly impressed and cannot recommend Touch Physio enough for the thorough and professional treatment I have received. Following a course of treatment, stretches and exercises I can now move without any pain! Thank you so much.” - (Damian, Swindon).

“Having already visited two other physiotherapists for my pelvic injury, I felt that I was doomed to never be free of pain. After a year of unsuccessful treatment elsewhere, I came to Touch Physio. With my physio's applied skill and knowledge, she 'mended' me so that I can now walk and run again. I think she is brilliant and deserves full recognition. Highly recommended.” - (Lea, Thatcham).

“My Physiotherapist is inspirational and very supportive and has a wonderful ability to make you feel that recovery from trauma and disability can be achieved. When I first came to Touch Physio, I had been involved in a fairly serious accident and could not use either of my arms. Six months on, due to the caring and fantastic skills of my physio I now have full use of both of my arms. No words can thank you enough for what you've done for me. I am truly grateful.” - (Viv, Tadley).

“After falling off my horse last year, I was unable to sit straight, let alone compete. Thanks to my excellent treatment at Touch Physio I am now back in the saddle and sitting comfortably! I cannot thank you enough .....highly recommended. - (Nic & Dusty, North Hants).

“My dog Moss and I regularly compete in agility, flyball and canicross competitions and I wanted to make sure we can enjoy our sports together for as long as possible. As a regular runner myself, Moss and I routinely come to Touch Physio for help to keep us tip top, supple and ready for action. We think we are very lucky to have found such a dedicated, kind, helpful, knowledgeable and highly skilled physio to help keep us at our best. We always enjoy our physio sessions and my hyper Moss is so chilled out on the mat after treatment, eyes glazed, floppy legged, he has even been known to snore! He is always first in on the mat ready for his session!” - (Moss & Zoe, Thatcham).

“Having had treatment at Touch Physio for my own issues over the years as a working rider I was delighted when it also became possible to have my animals treated. As we are all getting ‘that bit older and stiffer’ these days it is of great benefit to us all and our creaking joints to have regular therapy. We are always well looked after, listened to and treated with skillful hands to maintain our wellbeing …. long may it continue.” - (Claire & Ozzy, Lambourn).

“As a keen event rider, I often find myself on the receiving end of knock or fall – it goes with the territory, but with the help of Touch Physio I am back in the saddle in no time. My horse Mac came with a few issues and was considered a difficult horse by his previous owners. He can be a tricky ride but with the help of my excellent physio who took on the challenge to help both Mac and I resolve our issues, with her keen eyes and skilled hands and all of us working hard together to improve, we have gone from strength to strength. Mac is much happier in his work and feels supple, balanced and together following treatment and we are grateful for all your hard work to get us together and help keep us there with your regular visits. Thank you.” - (Dan & Mac, Hampshire).

“My cat Susy jumped down off a work top and injured her front leg and shoulder. Being an older cat, we were worried she would not recover but after the gentle massage, food and play games we were taught to help her, she is now back to climbing on everything and knocking things off as before. It is so lovely to see our mischievous old friend back on all four legs again. Thank you.” - (Josh, Nina & Susy, Burghclere).